The knee joint is subject to considerable pressure and strain in the human body. It is also one of the most prone to injury, especially among athletes with ACL injuries. As we age, the knee becomes more fragile and gonarthosis is the most common form of knee arthritis.

Wearing a knee brace may be required to relieve the pain. Preventive action can also be taken by wearing splints that will limit the appearance of knee problems.

At Laboratoire Orthopédique Jérôme Marier, we offer different types of preventive and curative knee braces and supports designed by the best manufacturers on the market. These high-quality orthoses effectively reduce knee pain and limit the risk of injury to the joint. Order yours now from our orthotists.


Different types of knee braces ailored to your needs

In addition to offering preventive support, knee orthoses are also utilized in the rehabilitation phase following an injury or to alleviate pain, especially associated with knee osteoarthritis.

Knee brace for osteoarthritis

A knee orthosis designed for osteoarthritis provides additional support and stabilization to the affected joint. Osteoarthritis can weaken the ligaments and muscles surrounding the knee, leading to instability and increased pain. Orthotics are crafted to address this weakness by providing structural support, reducing stress on the knee, and alleviating pain.

They can also help correct joint alignment, limiting further damage to the cartilage. By restricting undesirable joint movements and facilitating smoother motions, orthotics enable better control of knee movements, allowing patients to maintain an active lifestyle while minimizing pain during physical activities.

Knee stabilization orthosis

The knee stabilization orthosis plays a crucial role in managing stability issues associated with injuries or conditions like sprains, cruciate ligament tears, or meniscus damage. This specific orthosis offers various benefits for individuals who need support and stability for their knee.

It provides structural support and increased stabilization to prevent excessive or improper movement. By limiting such unwanted movements, it safeguards the internal knee structures, promoting faster healing.

Preventive knee brace

Our preventive knee brace are aimed at at-risk individuals prone to knee and patella pain, including both professional and non-professional athletes. Their purpose is to prevent injuries such as ligament rupture and address specific issues like patellofemoral syndrome by absorbing shocks and reducing the load on the knee.

Wearing this brace can boost confidence and self-assurance in individuals with a high risk of injury, as it offers preventive protection, thereby reducing anxiety associated with intense or high-risk physical activity. This enhanced sense of safety and confidence encourages continued and regular participation in health-promoting physical activities.

We want the best quality for you

Laboratoire Orthopédique Jérôme Marier offers custom knee braces. During your consultation in our laboratory, we will evaluate your needs and take your measurements to provide the manufacturer with detailed information. The manufacturer will then be able to design the perfect knee brace for you.

Unlike foot orthotics, knee braces are not manufactured in our laboratory. However, we make sure that they are manufactured by the most reputable third-party suppliers on the market. Our orthotists meticulously select them to ensure you receive the highest quality.

What types of injuries are knee braces indicated for?

Apart from gonarthrosis, knee orthoses are recommended for the following conditions:

  • Sprains
  • Tears of the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments
  • Valgum knee (knock-knee)
  • Knee tendonitis

In certain cases, these knee injuries or deformities can also be addressed with alternative orthotics or orthopedic shoes. These solutions aim to realign your bone structure, thereby preventing and alleviating pain, which can significantly enhance your overall quality of life.


The Donjoy A22 titanium knee brace is designed for people who practice sports such as golf, tennis, soccer or cross-country skiing. It provides impeccable stability and support as well as great freedom of movement.


The Donjoy Defiance knee brace is designed for people who play more intense sports such as field hockey. Made of carbon fiber, this very rigid knee brace prevents the knee from rotating during shocks or strenuous efforts.


The O2 knee brace

Introducing the O2 knee brace, an ultra-lightweight solution weighing merely 375 grams, precisely contoured to fit the leg’s shape, all credits to its state-of-the-art polymer material. This exceptional knee brace is entirely custom-made in Canada.

Designed to be an ideal choice for knee osteoarthritis, ACL/PCL tears, and ligament instability, the O2 knee brace boasts a multi-vector correction mode, enhancing its effectiveness.

For more information on this remarkable masterpiece, get in touch with us!

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